An exciting part of Additive days is the 3D Happiness exhibition of 3D printed objects from Bulgaria, the Balkans and from around the world. 

This year the exhibition has several highlights:

A Dark Tour of the Universe is an astronomical show aimed at people who are blind or visually impaired. It offers a tactile experience of the Universe by using 3D models of astronomical images and sonification of real astronomical datasets. The guests can “see” the universe through feeling 3D models  including the first picture of a black hole and the 360-degree panoramic image of the Milky Way. The exhibition is acknowledged worldwide for its social responsibility and creativity.

Opening: 20th February

From the unique designs of Sandhelden, we will be able to admire a 3D printed elegant and functional washbasin made from sand. An outstanding customizable product design of highest quality, produced in a sustainable way from an organic material. Simply a must-see.

Rumen Panayotov will exhibit his sculptures, made with the help of 3D technology. He works with classical materials such as bronze, stone, glass as well as with novel materials like PLA (thermoplastic aliphatic polyester, derived from renewable sources, like corn).


With special thanks to Dr Ljudmil Simeonov, Additive Days exhibition will host a collection of 3D printed children hearts. His department has to scan, model and 3D print human organs daily in order to be able to better diagnose and cure a patient. 

What more can you see – a 2-meter high crane, made with 3D printed elements, printed recycled plastics for home use, a 3D printed city wall that breathes and maybe the first 3D printed electric car for urban use. 

Stay tuned!