Matthew Mcmillion

Artec 3D

Matthew has a background in working with high tech companies in Silicon Valley starting in the 1990s. As Senior Editor at Artec 3D, Matthew meets with and writes stories about brilliant clients who are using Artec 3D scanners to change the world, one scan at a time.

Участие: On 22.02 Matthew Mcmillion will take us on the road of successful user stories with Artec 3D scanning solutions

Prof. Georgi Todorov

Technical University Sofia

Georgi Todorov is a professor at Sofia Technical University. He is the Head of the Virtual engineering center “Professor Iliya Boyadzhiev”, the founder and head of the laboratory “CAD/CAM/CAE in industry” at the Faculty of Industrial Technology. He is also the manager of the 3DCLab – Rapid prototyping and 3D creativity laboratory, at Sofia Tech Park, Research and Development Unit. Prof. PhD G.Todorov takes an additional professional qualification in robotics and computational methods (1986-1987). He specializes engineering analysis in Staford, England and rapid prototyping/rapid tooling in AOTS, Japan (2003). Prof. Todorov has participated in more than 50 international projects for companies like Chevron (САЩ), Tyco Electronics (USA), Sensor Nite (Bulgaria), Sensata (The Netherlands), Siguren (France), Nexen Lift Truck (UK), CMS (Italy), Wahler (Germany), LS Yang (Тaiwan), Deltica (USA), Visteon/Johnson Controls (България/Франция), Renault (Франция), VW (Германия) and many others. Currently he is the Dean of the Industrial Technology Faculty at Sofia Technical University. His professional interests cover areas such as 3D technologies, FEM analysis and virtual prototyping, additive (3D print), mechanical and hybrid processing, research, optimization, diagnostics, scanning, metrology, and rapid prototyping and rapid tooling, constructions and systems based on such tooling, as well as others project-based innovative activities. He is one of the pioneers in using and applying 3D technologies in Bulgaria, in 3D printing in particular.

Участие: On 21.02 professor Todorov will give us an overview of the 3D printing industry in Bulgaria

Kimon Afsaridis

Altair SolidThinking

Managing Director Altair EE

Участие: On 21.02 Kimon Afsaridis will share with us about ALtair different software programs for design and optimization

Jesper Ronde


Jesper Ronde joined Ultimaker in 2019 and is now responsible for the channel management.

Участие: On 21.02 Jesper Ronde will showcase the outcome from a case study within the automotive industry where 3D printed solutions were applied.

Patrick Roeffen


Patrick Roeffen is a Channel Development Manager at Ultimaker for almost 5 years now. He is Involved in setting up the entire Reseller Network of Ultimaker in EMEA.

Участие: On 21.02 Patrick Roeffen will present a case study for the application of 3D printing in the Food and Beverage sector.

PhD. Eng. Erald Piperi


As a Mechanical Engineer and a lecturer in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Erald Piperi is always in contact with the 3D technologies and development of prototype machines. Specialized in 3D technologies at the Politechnico di Bari during PhD studies, he also worked on the development of the first Italian 3D printer model Robozze One. He is one of the first pioneers in Albania that works on digital fabrication and rapid prototyping technology. Erald Piperi is the founder of seescanprint3D in Albania.

Участие: On 22.02 PhD Eng. Erald Piperi will explain how 3D technologies are incorporated into the university study curriculum in Albania and will share a user success story from Albanian small-sized enetrprises.

Vanessa Katharina FIndling


Vanessa Findling is Consulting Project Manager at NOWLAB, the Innovation department of BigRep. With an academic background in Mechanical Engineering, she works for BigRep since three years. Previously she worked for the German Parliament in the Field of Technology and Innovation and was, as liberal party member, part of several Economic Delegations to the worldwide largest Innovation Hubs, such as Tel Aviv and Hong Kong. Working for NOWLAB, her main interests are Industrial IoT and sustainable manufacturing technologies that bring cutting edge innovations back to Europe.

Участие: On 21.02 Vanessa FIndling will showcase NOWLAB's current projects and will talk about how to invent the future NOW.

Petar Zaharinov

Hyperfold, Wallstack, Praktrik

Petar Zaharinov is an architect, who is passionate about finding geometrical and mechanical principles that have not been discovered and utilized yet. In 2010 he switched to the field of product design because he saw bigger potential for implementation of such basic inventions. Since then he has been working on development and implementation of self-supporting interlocking structures, foldable modular structures and recently mainly in the field of elastic origami and flexigami collapsible tubular shapes. His works have been published in media like WIRED, The Verge, Designboom, Dezeen. He has also been granted Platinum A’Design Award in 2011.

Currently, together with his business partner Radina Popova, he is co-founding the startup Hyperfold. Its main focus is the development of very practical and space-saving reusable products and reusable packaging solutions based on flexible origami patterns. In the last two years the team went through an intensive 3D printing prototyping process for the development of their first product – Hyperfold Origami Bottle. As a result, Huperfold got an expertise in 3D printing of thin-shell foldable structures made of flexible materials.

Участие: On 22nd February Petar Zaharinov will tell us about the challenges of prototyping and 3D printing thin-shell flexible structures at John Atanasoff hall.


Mathias Bernhard

ETH Zürich

Mathias Bernhard is an architect and computational design specialist. His main research focus is on the creation of design instruments that explore the full geometric potential of additive manufacturing.
He studied architecture at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne EPFL and at ETH Zurich. He specialized in digital fabrication at the rapid architectural prototyping laboratory RAPLAB and in computational design in a master of advanced studies MAS in computer aided architectural design CAAD. He joined the CAAD group in 2009 as a research and teaching assistant and worked architectural projects as a computational design specialist, taught courses to both master and post-graduate level students before starting his doctorate. His thesis “Domain Transforms in Architecture – Encoding and Decoding of Cultural Artefacts” draws a map of the variegated field of CAD and investigates the implications of alternative models of abstraction and their creative potential. In 2015, he joined the Digital Building Technologies DBT group where he now holds a post-doctoral researcher position. His responsibilities are the development of various computational design programming libraries, as well as the coordination of and teaching atthe MASdfab in architecture and digital fabrication.

Участие: On 22nd February at Sofia Tech Park Mathias Bernhard will share with us his extensive knowledge on parametric design and digital fabrication.

joseph casha

Joseph Casha


Joseph Casha has extensive knowledge of FDM Manufacturing both in home and small businesses. Currently, he is residing at the University of Malta as 3D Printing and 3D Printing Design Lecturer.

Участие: On 21st February Joseph Casha will introduce to us the concept of simplifying the FDM manufacturing process through the cloud.