Petar Zaharinov

Hyperfold, Wallstack, Praktrik

Petar Zaharinov is an architect, who is passionate about finding geometrical and mechanical principles that have not been discovered and utilized yet. In 2010 he switched to the field of product design because he saw bigger potential for implementation of such basic inventions. Since then he has been working on development and implementation of self-supporting interlocking structures, foldable modular structures and recently mainly in the field of elastic origami and flexigami collapsible tubular shapes. His works have been published in media like WIRED, The Verge, Designboom, Dezeen. He has also been granted Platinum A’Design Award in 2011.

Currently, together with his business partner Radina Popova, he is co-founding the startup Hyperfold. Its main focus is the development of very practical and space-saving reusable products and reusable packaging solutions based on flexible origami patterns. In the last two years the team went through an intensive 3D printing prototyping process for the development of their first product – Hyperfold Origami Bottle. As a result, Huperfold got an expertise in 3D printing of thin-shell foldable structures made of flexible materials.