Prof. Georgi Todorov

Technical University Sofia

Georgi Todorov is a professor at Sofia Technical University. He is the Head of the Virtual engineering center “Professor Iliya Boyadzhiev”, the founder and head of the laboratory “CAD/CAM/CAE in industry” at the Faculty of Industrial Technology. He is also the manager of the 3DCLab – Rapid prototyping and 3D creativity laboratory, at Sofia Tech Park, Research and Development Unit. Prof. PhD G.Todorov takes an additional professional qualification in robotics and computational methods (1986-1987). He specializes engineering analysis in Staford, England and rapid prototyping/rapid tooling in AOTS, Japan (2003). Prof. Todorov has participated in more than 50 international projects for companies like Chevron (САЩ), Tyco Electronics (USA), Sensor Nite (Bulgaria), Sensata (The Netherlands), Siguren (France), Nexen Lift Truck (UK), CMS (Italy), Wahler (Germany), LS Yang (Тaiwan), Deltica (USA), Visteon/Johnson Controls (България/Франция), Renault (Франция), VW (Германия) and many others. Currently he is the Dean of the Industrial Technology Faculty at Sofia Technical University. His professional interests cover areas such as 3D technologies, FEM analysis and virtual prototyping, additive (3D print), mechanical and hybrid processing, research, optimization, diagnostics, scanning, metrology, and rapid prototyping and rapid tooling, constructions and systems based on such tooling, as well as others project-based innovative activities. He is one of the pioneers in using and applying 3D technologies in Bulgaria, in 3D printing in particular.